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Find Corvette C6 Grand Sport Replica Wheels

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These are the outstanding popular Grand Sport C6 designed wheels made from ultra high quality materials by a proven OE manufacturer.


Available in 17 inch, 18 inch and 19 inch sizes, with high quality Chrome and Gloss Black Finishes. Offsets available for Staggered 18" Front and 19 inch Rear applications.


Upgrade your Vehicle with these premium quality custom Products

Item Name Corvette C6 Grand Sport Replica Wheels
BrandReplica Alloys
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Application List
ImageDiameterWidthBolt PatternsOffsetFinishPricePart No
 178.55x120.65 49Gloss Black$222.00V1162-786149b (V1162-786149b)
 178.55x120.65 49Chrome$258.00V1162-786149c (V1162-786149c)
 188.55x120.65 56Gloss Black$225.00V1162-886156b (V1162-886156b)
 188.55x120.65 56Chrome$259.00V1162-886156c (V1162-886156c)
 189.55x120.65 40Gloss Black$228.00V1162-896140b (V1162-896140b)
 189.55x120.65 40Chrome$263.00V1162-896140c (V1162-896140c)
 189.55x120.65 56Gloss Black$228.00V1162-896156b (V1162-896156b)
 189.55x120.65 56Chrome$263.00V1162-896156c (V1162-896156c)
 19105x120.65 56Gloss Black$247.00V1162-916156b (V1162-916156b)
 19105x120.65 56Chrome$307.00V1162-916156c (V1162-916156c)
 19105x120.65 79Gloss Black$247.00V1162-916179b (V1162-916179b)
 19105x120.65 79Chrome$307.00V1162-916179c (V1162-916179c)
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